Property Management Services

Overview of Property Management Services

Diligence with resources. Tradd possesses the industry’s top credentials, experience levels, and a team of experts in finance, risk management, and operations.


Accounting / Financial

Tradd Management prides itself on having a highly skilled accounting department. We can customize financial reports to meet the needs of each investor’s operational format. Accounting Services include:


It is important to respond to an owner’s call efficiently and promptly. Our owners appreciate our concern and expertise in making necessary repairs. Our personnel are friendly, responsive, knowledgeable, service-oriented and follow through expediently. Maintenance Services include:

Risk Management

We understand the need to reduce liabilities and have a Risk Manager dedicated to this role. Owners can rest assured that our meticulous quality control process can reduce the likelihood of unforeseen future costs and expense items. Risk Management Services include:

Onsite Staffing

Tradd Facilities is an entity set up to provide onsite staffing for facilities maintenance. Tradd can also oversee existing staff or work with third party maintenance service providers. Services include: